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Coherent Design is an independent consultancy providing design, counsel, and project management for our clients that require state of the art design environments. We are passionate about developing compelling spaces with design solutions that help people engage, share, and experience. We have a commitment to innovation, aesthetics, and customer satisfaction. Coherent Design provides services to architects, owners, designers, and institutions around the world.


Good acoustics are essential for all types of performance venues. Whether the medium is music, singing, the spoken word or a combination of all three, the acoustic quality of your facility will impact the experience for both your audience and performers. We work with the design team to create spaces that sound as good as they look.

  • Room acoustics, with analysis and recommendations of all reflective and absorptive surfaces

  • Building acoustics, particularly the impact of mechanical and plumbing systems

  • Noise and vibration control

Acoustics - Services


We design high performance audio systems utilizing advanced computer modeling such as EASE, MAPP, and Array-Calc to deliver the highest degree of design accuracy which—when coupled with our engineering team’s many years of real world experience, our designs offer a high degree of accuracy and system performance predictability. We design audio systems for all types of spaces.

  • Concert Systems

  • Distributed Audio

  • Networked Digital Audio

  • Production Intercom

  • Recording and Production Studios

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Audio - Services


Our specialty is designing environments built for human comfort and one of a kind experience.  We create artistic spaces with a scientific approach. To provide the right quantity and quality of light in a space, we begin our design process by understanding the user needs. We provide the following:

  • Design solutions that meet and exceed client visions and expectations

  • Well-coordinated lighting design that meets codes

  • Easy to maintain lighting systems

  • A conscientious design within budget

  • An intuitive team that will help you achieve the above with ease from concept through construction administration.

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Lighting - Services


A complex lighting system doesn’t need to be complicated to control. We are proficient in designing lighting dimming systems and integrated control systems of various scales and protocols.  We provide the following:

  • Architectural lighting and entertainment lighting control system design

  • Dimming system compatibility studies

  • Coordination and integration with AV or building management systems for seamless control

  • Scalable system designs to fit the project’s budget

  • System specifications to ensure straightforward installations

Controls - Services


We speak the language of theatre design and construction. With our diverse backgrounds, we are well-versed in the needs of everyone involved with the building. A great theatre connects the audience and actor, creating a lively exchange of energy. We apply our understanding of this symbiotic interaction between observer and performer to create passionate spaces where theatre comes to life. We design the systems that transform equipment into magic efficiently, safely, and invisibly. We define and coordinate the demanding requirements of this equipment into efficient and user-friendly systems that will serve the facility for years to come.

  • Exploration of size, form, and actor-audience relationship

  • Auditorium volume, form, seating layout, sight-lines, and patron experience

  • Audience circulation and accessibility

  • Stage and back-of-house layouts, technical features and functionality

  • Three-dimensional visualization of the space using renderings and models

  • Site planning and construction details

  • Building layouts, organization and traffic flow

  • Design coordination, plan review, and trades coordination

  • Stage and orchestra lifts

  • Stage lighting systems

  • curtains and tracks

  • Platforming systems

  • Commissioning

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Planning - Services


Coherent Design is at the forefront of video system design. We provide design and consultancy for various video applications including the following:

  • Large scale LED and projection systems for image magnification in theatres, houses of worship, and concert and entertainment venues

  • Videoconferencing and tele-presence systems for corporate and educational venues

  • Reactive and interactive video walls

  • Interior and exterior LED video walls

  • 3-D projection mapping onto building facades

  • Video production and post production in resolutions up to Ultra HD

  • Digital signage and digital way finding

Video - Services
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